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The DI2E Developer Tools provide an open development environment for the defense and intelligence community, offering a full suite of popular, widely used development tools.  Project teams are able to establish cross-team efforts to support development, integration, and test needs.  The tools provide documentation and design artifact hosting, issue tracking, and project collaboration, and support software development lifecycle life-cycle activities.  Aligning with Office of Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L) Open Systems Architecture guidance, the DI2E Developer Tools provide ready access and accessibility to government-owned capabilities.  It has the following immediate benefits:


We support a growing number software development and project management groups. Some are actively conducting agile software development, while some are less agile. Our suite of tools can be seen at  Many teams use DI2E because their work involves many different DoD organizations and it is impossible/impractical for them to allow distributed access; DI2E enables this collaboration.

Since there are many efforts that sit on the peripheral of DI2E efforts, we allow any DoD effort to set up a project at no cost as long as they are willing to open up their project to the bigger community and support DI2E DevTools is available at no cost to any Intel related project in the DoD or IC. 

All projects are default set up to be open/shareable to the DI2E community,  DI2E supports the movement toward being more open and visible with their efforts. As we continue to mature within the DI2E community, we aim to further , and encourage all programs to promote the DI2E ideals of open architecture, open development, sharing and reuse, starting as early in the development life cycle as possible. As such, we are slowly maturing to be able to add additional gates into our DI2E Developer Tools onboarding process to encourage such sharing. Therefore, we strongly encourage programs to allow the broader community full read access to your project. In the near term, we plan to officially make that a requirement, managed only by exception.With regard to network fabrics where we reside, we are currently only on the unclassified network. We are planning to have a presence on the SIPR and JWICS fabric as well, but wish to plan smartly for this.  We are currently in planning discussions with other community members who provide similar capabilities, and working to resource this appropriately. 

DI2E DevTools is currently on the unclassified and SIPR, with a similar environment offered by NRO on JWICS. .

For additional environment details, please reference the DI2E Developers Environment Wiki (DI2E account required)DevTools.

For other specific questions or information needs, please follow up with