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Rules of Behavior for Users of DI2E Systems and IT Resources.

The following rules of behavior apply to all users of DI2E Systems:

  • DI2E systems are for official purposes only.
  • No unauthorized access.  Passwords and access will not be shared.
  • Pornographic or other offensive content is strictly prohibited Software copyrights and Licenses will be adhered to.
  • All content subject to controls such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), For Official Use Only (FOUO), and other special handling caveats will be properly labeled.
  • Classified information will not be stored or processed.
  • All non-compliance activities (e.g. spillages) must be reported to the DI2E support staff within four (4) hours of the inappropriate activity occurring.


These terms shall remain in effect while members use DI2E services and DI2E may terminate a member’s use or participation at any time for violation of these terms.