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Providing a suite of development and management services for the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise that enables users to build valued software faster and more securely.

Our customers make the software that powers warfighting.

DI2E is the component of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise that: 

  • Transforms information collected for Intelligence needs into forms suitable for further analysis or action.
  • Provides the ability to integrate evaluate, interpret and predict the current & future ops/physical environment.
  • Provides the ability to present, distribute or make available intelligence, information and environmental content and products that enable better situational awareness to military and national decision makers.
  • It is NOT a Program of Record.

An Enterprise Approach.

Leverage Existing Capabilities selected by DoD, IC, and International Partners that meet their mission needs. Collaborate with DoD, IC, and International Partners to ensure defense intelligence information flows seamlessly across enterprise boundaries.

Provide Reference Architecture aligned with the DoD Enterprise Architecture and Joint Information Enterprise guidance.

Share Software Components across the Defense Intelligence community to maximize interoperability, reduce training, and achieve efficiency.

Use DI2E Testbed for conformance testing to ensure trusted services are posted to the DI2E Storefront.

Execute the Governance Process to align warfighter needs and synchronize investment strategies.


Acquisition Guiding Principals

  • Federated Approach
  • Use JIE/IC ITE Services First
  • Framework Conformant
  • IT Platform Agnostic

Key Tenets

  • Unity of Effort
    • Login and access from anywhere
  • Agility
    • Rapidly deployable & configurable
  • Survivability
    • Support fixed sites to the tactical edge and disconnected Ops
  •  Affordability
    • Adopt, Buy, Create
    • Reuse & Refurbish

Current Focus Area

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Tagging
  • Content Discovery and Retrieval
  • Cross Domain
  • Domain Name Services
  • Time Synchronization
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Visualization Capabilities
  • Service Discovery
  • Cyber Security



Features and Benefits

The transformed DI2E will maximize interoperability, achieve operational effectiveness and identify efficiencies without resorting to a “one size fits all” approach to intelligence planning & direction, collection, processing & exploitation, analysis, prediction & production, and data dissemination & relay. The Department will establish an enterprise approach through standards and specifications that promote interoperability, establish an agreed upon implementation approach, improve information sharing, and encourage capability reuse.