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“The DI2E Council will take the lead for the Department to ensure seamless integration of the intelligence information capabilities into both the JIE and the IC ITE by coordinating intelligence enterprise IT efforts across the DoD, IC, and with our international partners.”
- Teresa M.Takai DoD CIO and Hon. Michael G. Vickers USDI 5 November 2013

DI2E Reference Architecture Awareness

  • Evolved from DCGS Enterprise Architecture; released to PoRs on quarterly basis for review and comment
  • Jointly evolved by EFT and DI2E Framework for whole of DI2E community
  • Forms basis for technical profiles and community guidance documentation
  • Published on DI2E Dev Tools for community consumption

Community Engagements

  • AF DCGS Modernization leveraging for basis of architecture; numerous dialogs with DI2E Framework team
  • Active DI2E community comments on evolving Technical Profiles
  • EFT/Framework/Army coordination for how to better tie into JCIDS process to ensure awareness/compliance early (EZ Button approach)
  • Continue Framework evangelism for how to incorporate DI2E language/principles into future acquisition efforts.