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DI2E has a significant backlog of requests for creating Hosted Projects at this time. It may take up to 8 weeks for the creation of a DI2E FVEY Hosted Project due to resource constraints.

When submitting a Hosted Project request please select the minimum DevTools that are needed in the beginning of your endeavor. Additional tools can be requested, as needed, at a later date.

DI2E FVEY Hosted Project Requirements:

  • U.S. Users must within DI2E UNCLASS
    • Once your account has been created you can 
  • Non-US Users must have an account within the FVEY system
  • US Government Sponsor is responsible for submitting a request for a Non-US User account within the FVEY system.
  • Requests for Hosted Projects can be submitted by any user with access to DI2E FVEY.  
  • Hosted Project Requests must meet the requirements for development, sustainment or support for a C4ISR capability by a DoD or Intelligence Community organization in collaboration with the Coalition of FVEYs (US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand)
  • Hosted projects must be approved by a US Government Sponsor

DI2E FVEY General Information / Policy

  • If you are new to DI2E or FVEY, you may want to visit our page that describes the tools provided when you request a "Hosted Project" space.  Click here for more information on FVEY DevTools
  • One of the Key goals of DI2E Framework is providing an open and public environment in order to promote collaboration and interaction which may result in reuse and shared best practices with other DI2E users.
  • DI2E FVEY users have the ability to control privacy and access to their tools and content.  However, all DI2E FVEY users have the ability to read general information about any project's name, description, and points of contact.  This permits DI2E FVEY users to reach out and collaborate where it makes sense.  
  • As a Hosted Project request is being processed, intermediate status will be provided.  In some cases, additional information will be requested.