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WARNING: This is a RESTRICTED ACCESS Computer System

All information, including classified information, processed, stored, or disseminated via any system owned or managed by the United States Government (USG) IS THE PROPERTY OF THE USG. USG systems and access accounts are provided to users only for official USG purposes. Users of all USG systems and infrastructure have NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY in any data transmitted, processed, or stored by these systems.

All USG systems are subject to monitoring for maintenance, testing, security, counterintelligence, management, and other lawful purposes. Monitoring may include network analysis, automated intrusion, and misuse-detection systems, access, audits, logging, keystroke monitoring, and full-text review of files and electronic mail messages for all lawful purposes, to include ensuring the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of government information. Authorized officials may examine, record, copy, and appropriately disseminate any information discovered in the course of lawful monitoring activities.

Accessing a USG system or communicating across USG system infrastructure signifies your consent to such monitoring and your agreement to use information resources only for authorized purposes. System officials may provide evidence of intrusion, misuse, misconduct, criminal activity, or other malicious acts to the appropriate law enforcement or other authorities for appropriate action, which may include criminal investigation and administrative disciplinary enforcement.