Authorized Users

DI2E Dev Tools and Storefront access is only available to U.S. citizens.

If you are not a government employee (i.e. you are not registering for an account with your .mil email address), then you MUST provide a government sponsor on your account request form.

If you are a government employee, then you can enter your own information in the sponsor fields.


Users can use username/password to access the DI2E Dev Tools and Storefront, but many can also be accessed with a valid CAC/ECA certificate.

Requesting an account

Requesting a DI2E account is a 2-step process.

Decide how you want to provide proof of U.S. Citizenship using the tabs below and then submit your request using our online form.


Select an option below by clicking on tabs:

CAC/ECA login

  1. Logon to DI2E IdAM using your DoD CAC or ECA certificate. Click the Log In button in the "Log In With CAC / ECA" area. (See ECA Certificate Details for more info.)
    1. Your CAC or ECA certificates must indicate you are a U.S. Citizen to proceed.
    2. If you get any errors (including page not found), check What to do if my CAC is not recognized?
  2. If your CAC/ECA certificate is accepted, our IdAM system will help you create a DI2E account, including a complex, strong password that you can use in lieu of your CAC/ECA. At the end of the process, you will receive an email with your account details. Please save / protect that information.

Please check your email junk folder if you don't receive an automated message.

JPAS Visit Request

  1. Submit a request using the online Account Request Form. selecting "JPAS" as your "Source of citizenship".

    ***You must submit your Account Request via the link above PRIOR to submitting a JPAS visit request for your account to be processed****

  2. Ask your security office to pass your U.S. Citizenship information to us via JPAS using the information below. Please make certain requests are submitted as individual requests and your security office specifies the purpose as DI2E Framework Access.


  1. On an UNCLASSIFIED system, submit a DI2E account request using the online form:Account Request Form. selecting "IC PKI" as your "Source of citizenship".

  2. Using your Intelligence Community (IC) PKI certificate, send a digitally signed email from a JWICS network to - Please note that this email address will not be reachable from an unclassified network.
  3. State you are requesting an unclassified DI2E account. Please provide your full name and unclassified email account you will use in the unclassified DI2E account request.


Once citizenship has been verified by completing one of the methods above, your DI2E account credentials will be sent to you via email.

If you have any questions, please use the "Open an issue" link at the top of the page or contact our support team.

Request a New Hosted Project

DI2E can also host U.S. DoD and Intelligence Community software development projects, and more. This process requires government sponsorship. Visit the Project Request Page for additional information and instructions on requesting a project area.